PCF 2020 Calendar

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The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) is proud to offer its first ever calendar for sale.  This beautiful, 12 month calendar features nature photography by Chris Seelye, a prostate cancer survivor and veteran.

In 2017, the future looked pretty bleak for Chris.  At just 62, this professional photographer from Washington State thought he had maybe a year to live.  

 “I was facing a terminal illness and was reaching the time where I had to start making decisions,” he says.  Decisions like, “Do I continue pursuing my love of photography, or is it time to start selling equipment and cutting back and sitting on the couch dreaming of the days when I could do those things?”

 But thanks to his positive response to treatment – treatment made possible by PCF-funded researchers - Chris was able to continue to pursue his love of photography and provide photos for this calendar.

 Every calendar purchase will go towards funding life-saving research.

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